Eventbrite - Prototyping The Future 2016; Greener Smarter Cities



“The 21st century will not be dominated by America or China, Brazil or India, but by The City.” - says. Parag Khanna a senior research fellow at the New America Foundation, in his 2011 article - When cities rule the world - McKinsey & company


We are gathering some of the biggest minds in the cleantech and smart-city industries as well as leaders in the public sector to discuss the future of cities and how prepare them for resilience.

Day one will feature panels and keynotes from both public and private sectors:

Featured panels and topics:

  • Deborah Acosta, Chief Innovation Officer of the City of San Leandro - will  share her wealth of knowledge on Public-Private-Policies for Civic Innovation

  • Greg Horowitt, Co-Founder & Managing Director  T2 Venture Capital will be discussing The Future of Smart Cities

  • Gil Friend, Chief Sustainability Officer of the City of Palo Alto will talk about Managing stranded assets while decentralizing renewable energy generation.

  • Randy Hencken, Executive Director, Seasteading Institute will share some updates about Seasteading, the Future of Green Smart Cities

  • Marco Cochrane & Ben Davis will talk about their creative endeavors in the urban ecosystem: Marco’s 55-foot statue of a woman, Truth is Beauty, was just installed in San Leandro’s Tech Campus and Ben’s project The Bay Lights which was first installed on the bay bridge back in 2013.


Day 2 will feature:

  • workshops on VR / AR for Urban Planning and Economic Development, Venture funding for Urban Tech, Seasteading Institute.


Prototyping The Future will be held at San Leandro’s Zero Net Energy Center and will focus on:

  • Smart grid

  • Clean Energy Microgrids

  • Future / Smart Cities

  • Mobility

  • Automation & Workforce Development

  • Advanced manufacturing

  • Urban Art and Creativity

  • Shared Purpose

  • Civic / Community Engagement


Cleantech and smart cities companies - please contact us to rent a booth at the fair: info@uixglobal.com



Eventbrite - Prototyping The Future 2016; Greener Smarter Cities










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